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It’s been a while… I’m back with a new twist! January 5, 2015

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  I’ve been slacking on posting menu plans and really watching what I eat in general… with the result that I’ve had too many pounds creep back on.  That plus some other health issues (including chronic allergies & asthma) plus the fact that I’m just done with the diet mentality of measuring out and logging everything I eat plus a serendipitous reading of a magazine article led me to decide to start The Whole 30 a few days ago.  What is the Whole 30?  It is a diet plan (in the sense of eating lifestyle, not calorie restriction) that relies on eating whole foods and cutting out additives that may cause allergic reactions or inflammation.  I’m reading my way through It Starts With Food (the book which details the plan, although you can find plenty of details on the website as well), but the authors describe it as a “short-term nutritional reset”.  So for thirty days (26 left to go!), I’ll be avoiding grains, sugar, dairy, soy, and artificial preservatives.  I’ll be discovering (and rediscovering) foods that are good for me.  And I’ll be learning more about my relationship with food – because we all know that, at least for most people, what we eat is about so much more than just eating to live.  When the thirty days are up, I’ll be experimenting with adding in what I removed, and seeing how it affects me.  And from that, I’ll figure out what the new normal is for my menu planning (and eating!) for life.  I’m lucky to have a few supporters on the journey.  If you are reading this, I’d love to have yours as well.  In the meantime, I’ll be writing some thoughts about the process, posting some pictures of the (delicious) meals I’m making, and continuing to share weekly meal plans!


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